Solutions that work
for the way you work.

Whether you’re a small boutique or your people need thousands of square feet, we can create a solution that works for the way you work. We thrive on unique requests and can manage special requirements like laboratory space or flexible wall systems. Our experience with sustainable design and manufacturing will help you navigate the LEED process and meet the standard you set out to achieve.


  • Office systems design
  • Furniture solutions
  • LEED support and guidance
  • Remanufacturing
  • Project management
  • Installation
  • Repair and warranty
  • Recycling and redistribution

When KPMG took over four floors of the new Performance Court at 150 Elgin, it turned to Adirondack to fulfill its furniture requirements.

After working with KPMG at 160 Elgin for over 10 years, we knew the importance they place on meeting the needs of their employees. Our job was to make certain that, when the KPMG team arrived, they would be comfortable and could get to work right away. That meant choosing new furniture that was designed to match their kind of work style and reflected the latest research on ergonomics in mind. 

At the same time, KPMG needed to keep cost per employee down. We used unique storage solutions, flexible wall systems, and well-designed desk areas to make smaller individual workspaces more efficient. Adirondack project managers also worked on site as KPMG staff moved in to make the transition a smooth one. 

We helped maximize the value of their space and provided unique solutions to ensure that every work area met the needs of each individual on their team.


The FCM is housed on the eighth floor of
a 1940s-era building on the corner of
Sussex and Rideau.

Our challenge? To get an office full of furniture without using stairs, narrow hallways, or tiny elevators. The solution? A very large crane and a lot of cooperation with the city, police, and health and safety experts.

It was an extremely involved installation, with many unique challenges, including the timing of the move. One can't just pull up with a crane on a very busy street corner at rush hour. Between careful coordination and planning we also organized specialized training for our installation crew and hired additional expert support to get the job done safely and on time.

“Adirondack met the challenge of fitting out a beautiful space in an old building with new furniture that works for our busy team. And we have great photos to show for it!”
— Nick Pisani, Facility Manager