Working with government
projects requires specific know-how and support.

We’ve managed successful projects from large to small, local to international.


  • Office systems design
  • Furniture solutions
  • LEED support and guidance
  • Remanufacturing
  • Project management
  • Installation
  • Repair and warranty
  • Recycling and redistribution

Working internationally presents a different set of challenges: security, shipping, and hiring local contractors are all factors, as well as managing cultural considerations. From the UK to Dubai to Beijing, we always send a local crew to install and project manage on site, making the process a smooth one for expats and local employees alike.

We consider the unique factors of all our international locations to ensure that each space is effective and well designed.


As Government departments relocate from older to current locations, keeping costs down is a top priority. A major part of these projects is helping our clients inventory everything - and decide what could be kept - while also choosing new furniture and systems that could work seamlessly with the old.

We recognize the value of taking stock and re-using and recycling – while also choosing new furniture to create a space that is efficient, well-designed and comfortable for a large number of people.