When everything works seamlessly,
you do too.

Great office space can help your people, and your business, succeed. It can inspire creativity, encourage collaboration, spark innovation, and support productivity. 

Our team offers years of experience in office systems design, reconfiguration, furniture solutions, installation, and project management. We’ll help reinvigorate your space so you can take your business forward.


Every office is unique.

Your people have work to do, and that can mean different things. It may be meeting spaces, areas that enable collaboration, and quiet places to concentrate undisturbed. Perhaps your team will welcome clients or require areas to share and showcase projects. Here’s how we learn what you’re about and deliver what you need:


We start with a discovery meeting to learn about your needs, your corporate culture, and your vision. What works well now? What needs a re-think? What are your goals?


Next, we take stock of what you have, what you can re-use, and where we need to start fresh. We’ll present you with a complete solution that meets your needs—and your budget.


Experience your options first hand. See, touch, and try everything from furniture and wall panels to seating, storage and other specialized requirements


Once your selection is made, we prepare the final floor plans, order everything, and work with suppliers to ensure a smooth delivery.


We’ll be on site throughout the installation and work with tradespeople and partners to see the project through completion.



From startups to multinationals and technology companies to professional services, our team understands your needs and is ready to help you re-think the space you’re in or envision a new one.

See how KPMG uses less
space to be more effective.




We understand the unique approach required to manage and deliver on government projects. We hold several procurement vehicles and can guide you through the Aboriginal Procurement Program. 

Learn why all levels of Government count on us to furnish their requirements in Canada and across the globe.


Quite simply, our goal is to help you create a space that performs.

We’re at your side from the first idea to the final floor tile—and we don’t finish until you are absolutely satisfied with your reimagined workspace. Adirondack was established in 1998 and ranks as Teknion's largest Aboriginal dealership in Canada.


We help our clients keep costs down by weaving new furniture in with what they already have. And we can connect you with the right partners to help redistribute the used furniture you don’t need to local schools, non-profits, and health facilities.



Using environmentally sensitive products is important to us, and it’s why 95% of what we offer is Canadian-made. Local manufacturing reduces carbon footprint. It ensures unparalleled quality control, shorter lead times, reduced shipping costs, and better service from manufacturers. And ultimately, we help local economies grow and thrive.


Aboriginal community

We are Aboriginal owned and operated. Adirondack is an active member of the community and participates in the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business and the Canadian Aboriginal Minority Supplier Council. We are also a member of the Public Sector Aboriginal Business Association (PSABA). We have experience with the Aboriginal Procurement Program and can work with you to ensure you achieve your performance objectives and budget requirements.

We carefully select partners
that share our values on quality,
service, sustainability, and community.


Teknion designs beautiful and functional products that work within any architectural envelope and work culture. In business since 1983, its focus on creative collaboration, design, and in-sourcing (they still make things) is why we chose Teknion as our primary partner. Family owned and operated, Teknion is a Canadian company with a Toronto HQ with offices and showrooms across Canada and around the Globe.




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